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Pilgrim Badges

Pilgrim badges were sold in the medieval period as souvenirs of pilgrimage. All of the badges below are accurate copies of surviving pewter artefacts. For information on the history of pilgrim badges please refer to the ‘History’ section of the website. Devotional badges are also included in this section.



Ampullae were miniature holy water flasks. They would be purchased at a shrine, filled with holy water and the top crimped shut. They were then carried home to await a time when the water’s miracle working powers could be put to good use, to cure a sickness for instance. The water from Canterbury, it was claimed, contained the blood of Becket. It is easy therefore to appreciate the importance to medieval minds of this type of souvenir. They were usually worn either sewn to the hat or suspended around the neck.

Original found in Salisbury.

14th-15th century.

33x48mm Ampulla of scallop shell form with heraldic cross upon a shield on reverse.

Not available gift boxed
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