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Pilgrim Badges

Pilgrim badges were sold in the medieval period as souvenirs of pilgrimage. All of the badges below are accurate copies of surviving pewter artefacts. For information on the history of pilgrim badges please refer to the ‘History’ section of the website. Devotional badges are also included in this section.

P17-Canterbury Bell
P17-Canterbury Bell

P17-Canterbury Bell

Although a number of shrines sold bells, those from Canterbury had perhaps greater significance due to the belief that, at the moment of Thomas Becket’s murder, all the cathedral bells rang without being touched. Reference has already been made (item P12) to William Thorpe’s complaining remarks about the noise made by these items and so we can only assume that crowds of pilgrims rattling little bells like this must have been a common sight on medieval roads.

Around the base of this bell runs the inscription in Lombardic capitals, CAMPANE THOME (Thomas’s bell) Such inscriptions were far from being simply descriptive, but enforced, through the use of the wording itself the magical function of the item. Indeed it was probably believed that a little of Saint Thomas’s divine grace would fall on any within earshot of these items.

Original found in London.

14th-15th century.

37x 44mm The bell is fully functional and gives a very pleasant ring.

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